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Angela Häßler

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By QNavy 16 hours ago 0. Comments Comments are closed. More in Deep State. Latest Posts. On 14 September , [1] [2] she married Leo Raubal 11 June — 10 August , a junior tax inspector, and gave birth to a son, Leo on 12 October Her husband died in She moved to Vienna after World War I.

Walter Langer 's wartime report The Mind of Adolf Hitler , an OSS profile of the Hitler family, paints a positive picture of Angela at this period, describing her as "rather a decent and industrious person".

It says she became manager of Mensa Academia Judaica, a boarding house for Jewish students, where she once defended those in her care against anti-Semitic rioters.

According to Langer: "Some of our informants knew her during this time and report that in the student riots Angela defended the Jewish students from attack and on several occasions beat the Aryan students away from the steps of the dining hall with a club.

She is a rather large, strong peasant type of person who is well able to take an active part. Angela had heard nothing from Adolf for a decade when he re-established contact with her in In , Adolf was confined in Landsberg ; Angela made the trip from Vienna to visit him.

In , she and Geli moved to the Haus Wachenfeld at Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden , where she became his housekeeper and was later put in charge of the household at Hitler's expanded retreat.

Geli committed suicide in Angela continued to work for her half-brother after Geli's death, but she strongly disapproved of Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun.

On 26 June , the couple returned to Passau. When they visited the house at the Inn river, where Angela had lived as a child, they left an entry at the visitors' book, and the local newspaper reported.

Hitler apparently disapproved of the marriage, and referred to his half-sister as "Frau Hammitzsch". In , she sold her memoirs of her years with Hitler to the Eher-Verlag , which brought her 20, Reichsmark.

In spring , after the destruction of Dresden in the massive bomb attack of February , Adolf Hitler moved Angela to Berchtesgaden to avoid her being captured by the Soviets.

He also lent her and his younger sister Paula over , Reichsmark. Not long after marrying her, Alois Hitler began an affair with year-old Franziska "Fanni" Matzelsberger, one of the young female servants employed at the Pommer Inn, house No.

Smith states that Alois had numerous affairs during the s, resulting in his wife initiating legal action; on 7 November Alois and Anna separated by mutual agreement.

Matzelsberger became the year-old Hitler's girlfriend, but the two could not marry since by Roman Catholic canon law divorce is not permitted.

On 13 January , Matzelsberger gave birth to Hitler's illegitimate son, also named Alois, but since they were not married, the child was Alois Matzelsberger.

Hitler remained with Matzelsberger while his wife, Anna, grew sicker and died on 6 April The next month, on 22 May at a ceremony in Braunau with fellow customs officials as witnesses, Hitler, age 45, married Matzelsberger, age He then legitimized his son as Alois Hitler Jr.

When she was still only 23 years old, she acquired a lung disorder and became too ill to function.

She was relocated to Ranshofen, a small village near Braunau. She was the year-old granddaughter of his step-uncle and possible biological uncle or father Johann Nepomuk Hiedler.

Matzelsberger demanded that the "servant girl" Klara find another job, and Hitler sent Pölzl away. During the last months of Matzelsberger's life, Klara Pölzl returned to the home of Alois to care for the invalid and their two children.

After her death, Pölzl remained in Hitler's home as housekeeper. Pölzl was soon pregnant by Alois. Smith writes that if Alois had been free to do as he wished, he would have married Pölzl immediately, but because of the affidavit concerning his paternity, Hitler was now legally Pölzl's first cousin once removed, too close to marry.

He submitted an appeal to the church for a humanitarian waiver. A meal was served for the few guests and witnesses.

Hitler then went to work for the rest of the day. Even Klara found the wedding to be a brief ceremony. Throughout the marriage, she continued to call him uncle.

On 17 May , five months after the wedding, the new Frau Klara Hitler gave birth to her first child, Gustav. A year later, on 25 September , she gave birth to a daughter, Ida.

During the winter of —8, diphtheria caused the deaths of both Gustav 8 December and Ida 2 January.

Klara and Alois had been married for three years, and all their children were dead, but Alois still had the children from his relationship with Matzelsberger, Alois Jr.

On 20 April , Klara gave birth to Adolf. Adolf was a sickly child, and his mother fretted over him.

Alois, who was 51 years old when Adolf was born, had little interest in child rearing and left it to his wife. When not at work he was typically either in a tavern or busy with his hobby: keeping bees.

Also in , Alois was transferred from Braunau to Passau. He was 55, Klara 32, Alois Jr. In , Alois Hitler was reassigned to Linz.

Klara gave birth to their fifth child, Edmund, on 24 March , and it was decided that she and the children would stay in Passau for the time being.

During February , Alois Hitler purchased a house on a 3. The farm was called the Rauscher Gut. He relocated his family to the farm and retired on 25 June at the age of 58 after 40 years in the customs service.

He found farming difficult; he lost money, and the value of the property decreased. On 21 January , his daughter Paula was born.

Alois was often home with his family. He had five children ranging in age from infancy to 14; Smith suggests he yelled at the children frequently and made long visits to the local tavern.

Robert G. Waite noted, "Even one of his closest friends admitted that Alois was 'awfully rough' with his wife Klara and hardly ever spoke a word to her at home.

If Hitler was in a bad mood, he picked on the older children or Klara herself, in front of the rest. After Alois and Alois Jr had a violent argument, Alois Jr left home at 14, and the elder Alois swore he would never give the boy any inheritance more than what the law required.

Apparently Alois Jr's relations with his stepmother Klara were also difficult. After working as an apprentice waiter in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, Alois Jr was arrested for theft and served a five-month sentence during , followed by a nine-month sentence during Edmund, the youngest Hitler boy, died of measles on 2 February Alois wanted his son Adolf to seek a career with the civil service.

According to various interpretations, Adolf disliked the thought of a career spent enforcing petty rules, and was perhaps so alienated from his father that he was repulsed by whatever Alois wanted.

Alois tried to intimidate his son into obedience, but Adolf refused. Alois Hitler died in , leaving Klara a government pension.

She sold the house in Leonding and relocated with young Adolf and Paula to an apartment in Linz , where they lived frugally.

By , Klara had become very ill due to breast cancer. Adolf wept when told by her doctor Eduard Bloch that his mother "had little chance of surviving".

Bloch, Klara's condition did not improve and in October, he told Adolf her condition was hopeless. Klara died at home in Linz on 21 December Adolf and Paula were left with some financial assistance from their mother's pension and her modest estate of about 2, Kronen, after the medical and funeral costs were paid.

Hitler had a good relationship with his mother during her lifetime. He was distraught by her death and possibly grieved for the rest of his life.

Speaking of Hitler, Bloch later recalled that after Klara's death he had never seen "anyone so prostrate with grief". Hitler wrote years later that his mother's death was a "dreadful blow".

On 14 September [21] [22] Angela Hitler, Adolf's half-sister, married Leo Raubal 11 June — 10 August , a junior tax inspector, and on 12 October she gave birth to a son, Leo.

In , Alois Hitler Jr. They eloped to London and married on 3 June William Dowling, Bridget's father, threatened to have Alois arrested for kidnapping , but Bridget dissuaded him.

The couple settled in Liverpool , where their son William Patrick Hitler was born in The family lived in a flat at Upper Stanhope Street.

The house was destroyed in the last German air-raid on Liverpool on 10 January Nothing remains of the house or those that surrounded it, and the area was eventually cleared and grassed over.

Bridget Dowling's memoirs claim Hitler lived with them in Liverpool from to while he was on the run to avoid being conscripted in his native Austria-Hungary , but most historians dismiss this story as a fiction invented to make the book more appealing to publishers.

Alois Jr. Paula had relocated to Vienna , where she worked as a secretary. She did not communicate with Hitler during the period comprising his difficult years as a painter in Vienna and later Munich , military service during the First World War and early political activities back in Munich.

She was delighted to meet him again in Vienna during the early s, though she later claimed to have been privately distraught at his subsequent increasing fame.

He married another woman, Hedwig Heidemann or Hedwig Mickley [24] , in After the war, a third party informed Bridget that he was dead.

It is likely Hitler was accepted into the Bavarian army either simply because nobody had asked him whether he was a German citizen when he first volunteered or because the recruiting authorities were happy to accept any volunteer and simply did not care what Hitler's nationality was, or because he might have told the Bavarian authorities that he intended to become a German citizen.

He served as a dispatch runner on the Western Front in France and Belgium, [28] spending nearly half his time well behind the front lines.

He was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron Cross , Second Class, in Hitler's post at regimental headquarters, providing frequent interactions with senior officers, may have helped him receive this decoration.

During his service at the headquarters, Hitler pursued his artwork, drawing cartoons, and instructions for an army newspaper.

During the Battle of the Somme in October , he was wounded either in the groin area [36] or the left thigh by a shell that had exploded in the dispatch runners' dugout.

Hitler spent almost two months in the Red Cross hospital at Beelitz , returning to his regiment on 5 March Hitler became embittered about Germany's defeat, and his ideological development began.

The Treaty of Versailles stipulated that Germany must relinquish several of its territories and demilitarise the Rhineland. The treaty imposed economic sanctions and levied large reparations on the country.

Many Germans perceived the treaty—- especially Article , which declared Germany responsible for the war—- as a humiliation.

During , Alois Jr was prosecuted for bigamy , but acquitted due to Bridget's intervention on his behalf. His older son, William Patrick , stayed with Alois and his new family during his early trips to Weimar Republic Germany in the late s and early s.

When Adolf was confined in Landsberg , Angela travelled from Vienna to visit him. Angela's daughters, Geli and Elfriede, accompanied their mother when she became Hitler's housekeeper in ; Geli Raubal was 17 at the time and would spend the next six years in close contact with her half-uncle.

She did not complete her medical studies. Hitler behaved in a domineering and possessive manner with Geli. Hitler's half-niece Geli Raubal committed suicide during Rumours immediately began in the media about a possible sexual relationship, and even murder.

After having little communication with her brother Adolf, Paula was delighted to meet him again in Vienna during the early s. As Hitler prepared for war, he became distant from his family.

Angela and Adolf became estranged after she disapproved of Adolf's relationship with Eva Braun, but eventually re-established communication during the war.

Angela Häßler

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